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AS 98

The question of where and how the ideas of our design team are implemented into real shoes leads to two names: Padrone Piero Oliosi and his son Christian. You can meet them at the Italian headquarters, close to Verona in Colà di Lazise, embedded in vineyards and olive groves right around the corner of the beautiful Garda Lake. Piero Oliosi is the soul of the renowned Italien producer Olip Italia S.p.A., and together with his offspring, guarantees uncompromising quality with European production. Since the early 80s, the headquarters in Italy is supported by a factory in Bosnia. With 1.100 employees, Olip is among the biggest shoe producers in Bosnia, and due to a technical relaunch also one of the most productives. "One of our biggest German customers voted our factory to the Top 5 in Europe," states Christian Oliosi and underlines the strong set-up of the company.

For the company reorientation between 2006 and 2008, the managers spent lots of money. Production, collection design and infrastructure were completely replanned. The result there was a factory in Bosnia that produces around 4.000 pairs of shoes a day on 5 lines on 12.000 sq.m. "All materials are imported from Italy because only the Italian tanneries achieve this A.S. 98-typical rough look of the leather that we desire," tells Piero Oliosi. Once arrived, everything is immediately taken charge of by the skilled labourers who largely work there in the second generation. The technical know-how is very high since you sometimes must be a real artist to fulfil the demands of the designers and still make it ready for production. Both professional know-how and fashion understanding of the quality supervisor are needed to keep the rough A.S. 98 on a constant level. As there are no identical pieces of leather, every single pair is unique, also due to the handmade finish and the numerous metal studs that are applied manually. "As a quality manager you really have tog et used to this," Christian Oliosi laughs as he experienced himself the great challenge of judging the quality o site. In the ever changing markets of nowadays and fast moving fashion trends you can only survive with an optimized processing time. This is why Olip still counts on "Made in Europe". The short distance to Bosnia and is a strong advantage for reorders. For example,, every shoe from the current collection can be reproduced within 4 weeks. Even shorter is the reaction time for new samples: within a few hours, new ideas of the designers ir customers can be implemented. This way, Piero Oliosi has constructed a flexible infrastructure that comes up to the increasing customer demands. It is a solid basis for the brand A.S. 98 and still offers lots of creative space. Give way for our "magic cooks"!