Business Casual

At Twist we provide pieces that fill every aspect of your life from work to weekend. The work place has changed, in that the attire has softened over the past few years, having said that, we carry suiting as well but find for the most part its a more mix and match world now. This means colour print and even dark jeans for Friday! In a work environment you see the same people 4-5 days a week so keeping your look fresh and professional is important,we get new deliveries every month and can call you for your “right” pieces.

Our brands offer a variety of looks and price points and we are always happy working with your budget.

InWear was established in 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand was created as a fashion label for cool city girls with a feminine, urban, and confident look. The brand’s iconic style was an overnight success and to this day it still defines InWear.